Micro & Miniature Injection Molding

Micro & Miniature Injection Molding Services

Intricate Design and Manufacturing Solutions for Micro Molding

Precision micro molding requires in-depth knowledge of plastic injection molding, state-of-the-art equipment, and careful material preparation and processing techniques. At Veejay Plastic, we are adept in all three aspects to provide you with accurately designed and precision manufactured miniature as well as micro molded parts

We utilize prime materials to ensure that our micro and miniature molded products will meet the necessary specifications and regulations while being used in an industrial application. We have expertise to mold at high temperature. Our engineering capabilities allows us to work with highly engineered thermoplastic resin including  but not limited to

  • PEEK
  • Vectra
  • ABS

Our design and manufacturing capabilities allows us to produce micro molded components that can be small as 1 milligrams. We are able to achieve this feat thanks to the use of specialized micro molding machines to 220 tons presses and miniature injection molding machines, giving us latitude to mold large size parts. The use of these presses gives us the freedom to create miniature molded parts that can weigh as high as 400 grams. We can produce a variety of products such as ejector rings, nano connectors,  plugs, links, screws, and pushers,  to name only a few.

Quality is one of the keys to success in our industry. At Veejay Plastic, our products go through a stringent quality control program. The program is integrated throughout the production process, starting from the material selection, product design, leading up to product manufacturing and delivery.

We manufacture and supply our products to a variety of industrial clients. You will find Veejay Plastic micro molded products being used in the following industries :

  • Electronic
  • Electric
  • Defense
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Aerospace

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