Quality Injection Molding Construction Components at Cost-effective Prices

Veejay Plastics has been successfully serving the construction industry for four decades with high quality and performance-oriented injection molding techniques.

As one of the leading American suppliers of custom plastic injection molded parts, we provide construction parts molding services and components to some of the best OEMs in the construction industry.

Veejay Plastic merges perfection and professionalism with excellence to offer efficiently designed large, small, and medium-sized construction components.

Injection Molding Services Ensure Reliability

We utilize our experience and expertise to provide our clients with high quality products designed specifically for the construction industry. Reliability is one of the most important aspects in our manufacturing processes.

We ensure that the final product functions as demanded. By using high quality materials and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that chances of unexpected breakdowns and repairs are minimized. Our injection molded construction industry products are engineered to be extremely durable and reliable.

Materials Used for Injection Molding for Construction Industry Products

Our innovative use of varied thermoplastic resins has empowered us to manufacture compatible, dynamic, and durable custom molded plastic parts designed according to the needs of the construction industry. Some of the materials we work with include:

  • PEEK
  • Vectra
  • ABS
  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate (LEXAN)

We evaluate and clearly understand our clients’ requirements, and employ our highly efficient injection molding machinery to fabricate and manage large industrial parts and molds designed specifically for construction companies.

We offer our clients expert advice that helps us build a product that functions at maximum efficiency. With an extremely cost–efficient approach, while maintaining product quality, and delivery timelines, we are able to fulfill client expectations on all fronts.

Our clients from the construction industry have expressed their satisfaction with our customer-oriented service. Our clients continually relies on us because of our experience, expertise, and excellence in providing apt, technically superior, and high-quality injection molded plastic solutions.

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  • Suzo Happ
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