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Plastic Overmolding Services in Illinois Delivering Quality Overmolded Products with Tight Tolerances

Overmolding is the process of combining two different materials to form a single finished product. What’s different about this process is that the two materials do not merge with one another. Even in a unified state, they maintain their unique properties and physical states.

In this process, after a product has been manufactured, a thermoplastic resin or other material is molded over the product. It is used to lend a soft feel to the product, and mainly helps in providing grip. For example, it is used in toothbrushes, handles, and other such products.

Veejay Plastic provides plastic overmolding services in Illinois. We design and manufacture the product to meet the exact requirements of your industrial applications.

Beneficial Product Solutions using Overmolding Injection Molding

Overmolding injection molding is a precise process, one that requires special attention to ensure that the product is created according to the right size, thickness, and diameter. Tight tolerances need to be adhered to when producing an overmolded product. At Veejay Plastic, we produce parts with tolerances as tight as 0.001″. We use highly efficient machinery to produce precise results. Our engineering team is extremely proficient and ensures that the product surpasses industry expectations. The quality and repeatability offered by our organization is extremely high.

We at Veejay Plastic provide overmolding services, where we design and manufacture the product to meet the exact requirements of your industrial applications.

Veejay Plastic’s Overmolding Injection Molding Services in Illinois

With experience and deep industry expertise, we have the capabilities to broaden plastic capabilities. By having immense knowledge of how different materials behave under various conditions, we are able to predict and ascertain the best possible way to utilize the materials to perfectly suit client requirements.

We are cost conscious ensuring that minimal waste is created. We are able to accomplish this task by using only the required amount of metal needed in a certain part. We are reputed for our overmolding capabilities.

As overmolding comprises the use of two different materials, we take great care to follow an accurate material selection process. We only use materials of the highest grade, as well as resins and materials that have high compatibility rates to create strong and durable products for our customers. Our molds are also created to suit the different properties of the materials. By understanding the chemical and physical alterations that take place when a material is heated and cooled, we are able to ensure precise results.

Veejay Plastic offers brilliant plastic overmolding services no matter what the requirement. We provide custom solutions for high and low volume requirements.

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