Munitions Components

Munitions Components

Veejay Plastic Injection Molding Company has been developing superior quality components for various industrial applications. Our injection molded munitions components are in high demand for military purposes as well as security agencies.

Munitions components are products that are useful for collective applications pertaining to the ammunitions. Our team of experienced engineers has devised various injection molded parts that are ideal for the highly demanding military as well as law enforcement applications.

Distinguishing Features:

Some of the distinctive features of our injection molded custom plastic parts that make them ideally suited for munitions applications:

  • We develop these munitions components from high grade injection molded plastic.
  • Our munitions components are highly durable because of our rugged manufacturing and techniques.
  • We have designed these components while keeping in mind the requirements and specifications of the military applications.
  • Our munitions components are sturdy and they are capable of withstanding the strenuous and hostile nature of defense related applications.
  • The plastic used in these munitions components is capable of withstanding high temperatures.
  • We make use of conventional thermoplastic resin in the manufacture of these components to make them inherently rugged with long shelf life.
  • Some of the other materials used for manufacture of our munitions components are PEEK, ULTEM, and Vectra etc.
  • The use of resin makes our injection molded plastic components highly moldable/ pliable.

Applications of Our Munitions Components:

The versatile nature of Veejay Plastic Injection Molding Company’s munitions components makes them ideal for law enforcement, military, and security related applications. Some of the common ammunitions in which our components can be used are:

  • Flash- Bangs
  • Aerosol Defense
  • Irritant and Smoke Munitions
  • Impact Munitions
  • Sting-Ball Grenades

Based on the type of application, you can select the best suited injection molded component from our large variety of munitions parts.

  • Projectile
  • Projectile
  • Munitions Component
  • Munitions Component
  • Munitions Component

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