Micro Molding Of Light Weight Spacer

Micro Molding Of Light Weight Spacer

Successfully completed micro molding of “SPACER”, a polymer post weighing less than 5 milligrams having important functional characteristic in the fabrication and performance of Wrapped Multi Layer Insulation helping Quest Thermal build WMLI prototypes for testing at -320F. The spacer is designed with a goal: reducing heat transfer through the insulation and controlling the layer spacing. The spacer is part of Quest Thermal Group’s proprietary discrete spacer Technology.

After researching the existing designs of a variety of handled products, Veejay Plastic tested their design solutions at various stages of the micro molding process. They made an effort to incorporate every type of requirement to produce an all-inclusive spacer that is 99% feasible with the given specifications.


  • Producing a polymer of light weight that can be strong and feasible enough to be used for the fabrication of Wrapped Multi Layer Insulation.
  • Tooling and micro molding program of spacer that can help Quest Thermal build WMLI prototypes for testing at -320F.
  • Standardize spacer to conform to the standards of NASA.


Quest Thermal Group: Veejay Plastic accomplished the challenging tooling and micro molding program successfully, helping Quest Thermal build WMLI prototypes for testing at -320F.

Scott Dye, CTO and project director at Quest Thermal Group, in Arvada, CO, phone 303-395-3100 ext. 102, is the principle investigator of the WMLI program conducted for NASA.


With the most professional micro-molding services, Veejay Plastic not only helped Quest Thermal in building WMLI prototypes, but also set up an example of professionalism and process standardization. Mr. Dye (CTO and Project Director at Quest Thermal Group) quoted, “Wrapped MLI provides better thermal insulation for cryogenic piping per layer than conventional insulation methods. This is direct result of using custom tooled, micro molded polymeric spacer to achieve 3-fold lower heat leak then state of the art vacuum jacketed pipe”.

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