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Injection molding is a manufacturing process used for fabricating different plastic parts. It is one of the most commonly used methods of molding. There are a large number of products of different complexities, sizes, and applications that are manufactured using the injection molding process. It requires raw plastic material, injection molding machine, and a mold… Read More

Plastic injection molding is a very popular term in the manufacturing industry. As the name suggests, it refers to the process where plastic parts are manufactured from various thermosetting, and thermoplastic materials. The plastic injection molding process is employed in various industries such as aerospace, toys, medical, packaging, and construction for producing smallest to the… Read More

Plastic fasteners are increasingly replacing the traditional metal fasteners. They are being considered for almost all mission-critical applications of the day. They are valued for the obvious benefits they offer. However, many times people end up making wrong choices due to ignorance of certain facts. This post gives away tips to buy the right plastic… Read More

With the growing use of plastic materials in industrial applications, various plastic manufacturing techniques have been invented. Injection molding is one such favored plastic engineering in demand. Today, manufacturers are keen to take advantage of custom plastic injection molding due to various advantages they offer. Some advantages include, cost-effectiveness, freedom of component design, accurate plastic… Read More

Insert molding is an industrial process, which makes use of modern injection molding technology. This molding process has revamped the present day manufacturing. Insert molding process blends plastics and metal, or several combinations of components and materials into a single unit. This molding process uses engineering plastics for enhanced tensile strength and weight reduction, and… Read More

Micro-molding has become a preferred manufacturing method for manufacturers and plastic instrument designers due to various benefits they offer. The method is used to create high precision, micro-molded plastic parts. It is seen as a cost, and value-effective alternative to micro machining. This post introduces you to the method, and highlights why it is becoming… Read More

An electronic enclosure is used to protect an appliance from getting damaged. Besides this, the enclosure also protects it from electrical shocks. Most electronic enclosures are made from plastic, as they protect the appliance from environmental elements such as dust, dirt, water, chemicals, and heat. If the machine is not covered properly with the enclosure,… Read More

The semiconductor industry requires components that are manufactured from materials having a combination of heat resistant, conductive, insulating, and shielding properties. All these properties are exhibited by high performance plastics. They are ideal materials with which to produce end products, as well as parts in the processing equipment used to manufacture semiconductors. Some of the… Read More

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